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About the Creator
Created and edited by a 23 year old male living in New York City. He’s addicted to music almost to the point of insanity. He's been making sites since the age of 12. He’s a concert junkie. Loves everything.

We scour the web for free advance movie screenings and offer them to you on a single page. Convenience is key, and we want you to know what’s out there. We're expanding with new features as time goes by. We also offer movie reviews, among other elements related to movies. Our main focus is screenings, and getting them to you.

Development of Tabwin Screenings
My name is Travis, the creator of this site. I’ve been going to movie screenings since 2006. Every week I’d scour the web for any sites offering advance tickets hoping to be one of the few to watch an unreleased movie for free on a Wednesday night.

More than twenty free screenings later I had the idea to develop a site where people would have access to all the advance screenings offered on the web without all the searching. People like convenience, and that’s my goal when it comes to this web site.

The site started off as an idea in March of 2009. I decided to play around with Photoshop during my day break. On this day I started working on a few site concepts, including one for this one.

It started off as crap; pretty much a page with 4 movie boxes. After this day for two months, the entire idea was put on hold. The motivation was barely there, but then in came back strong.

In early August, construction of the site was in full swing. After nights and nights of sleepless nights and feedback from my lover, the site is finally up and running. It will be updated as often as possible, so grab the popcorn (remember to pay for it first), sit back, and enjoy... clicking on 'sign up' buttons.

About Muse (band)
They are musical gods.



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“There is no must in art because art is free” - Wassily Kandinsky

Tabwin Screenings was designed and is maintained by Travis Brown. Movie art owned by respective studios. Thanks for visiting the site and check back often for new screenings, contests, and more. Yeah, this site is dedicated to my girl.