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Argentina (South America)

Best time to watch:
Pre-dawn (5am)

On: November 17th
Rate: 30 Leonids hour
Visibility: Below average

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Recommended viewing locations:

Currently unavailable; feel free to recommend dark locations below by clicking on 'Leave a comment'

Information links:

Going out in a blaze of glory - Washington Post
Leonids Wikipedia Page - Wikipedia

More information:
For people in the North and South America it is in the morning of November 17th in the pre-dawn hours. Meteors are always best seen after midnight and before dawn.

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Viewing locations and times; this will be updated on the 16th!

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Leonids Tip

Watching a meteor shower consists of lying back, looking up at the sky ...and waiting.

Leonids Fact

NASA is predicting 20 to 30 meteors per hour over the Americas, and as many as 200 to 300 per hour over Asia.

Leonids Tip

Keep in mind that any local light pollution or obstructions like tall trees or buildings will reduce your making a meteor sighting. Give your eyes time to dark-adapt before starting.

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