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Note: Periodically copy and paste your work into a notepad or any other text formatting program just incase your work is lost by accidentally presseing something or navigating to another web site.

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport customization page. Here you can view, and send us your customized Forza Motorsport vehicles no matter how crappy it looks :). Click on the link reading "submit image" on the left to send us your own customized Forza car. This page is still under construction, but after it's done it will contain hundreds of customized Forza cars. Thanks for visiting!
Step 1: Type and format your tutorial below. You may add both images and links, make it yours.
Step 2: Click on the "view source" button above.

Step 3: Highlight everything in the format box above and copy the source by holding down "CTRL" on your keyboard and then pressing the "C" button.

Step 4: Email the source to avalanche087@gmail.com with subject "Tutorial".


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