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Welcome to the Forza Motorsport customization page. Here you can view, and send us your customized Forza Motorsport vehicles no matter how crappy it looks :). Click on the link reading "submit image" on the left to send us your own customized Forza car. This page is still under construction, but after it's done it will contain hundreds of customized Forza cars. Thanks for visiting!
Tutorial: Methods for simple lettering        
Learn how to quickly create letters of the alphabet in Forza Motorsport.
Try these methods for simple lettering:

For creating A,E,F,H,I,K,L,M,N,T,V,W,X,Y,Z - Use the box and the polygon template...these are the easy ones once you get use to the size and tilt function.

O - Don't use the arc template as you can't control its thickness. Instead put a background color circle within a letter color circle. (2 layers)

C - Same an an O, but with a background color box to break up the O. (3 layers)

Q - Same as O with a letter color box to finish it off. (3 layers)

G - Same as a C with two more letter color boxes to finish it off (4 Layers)

B - Put two circles in a figure 8. Use two smaller circles to hollow them out. Use a background color to half them into a 3 (this step is not needed if the lettering is thick). Use a letter color box to finish it off. (5 - 6 layers)

P - Same as a B, but with only one circle (4 layers)

R - Same as B with a tilted text color box to finish it off (5 layers)

D - Same as B, but with one large circle/oval instead of two (4 layers)

J - Start with a circle with in a circle for the bottom of the letter. Half it with background color so it is a mini U. Finish it off with a text color box. (4 layers)

U - Same a J but with two boxes to finish it off (5 layers)

S - This one is a little tricky. Start off with a solid figure 8 but overlap the circles. Than you use a background color small circle and box (in the shape of a sideways U) to create the cutaways. (6 layers)

Let me know if you guys have better designs or ones with less layers.
Sorry..no pics on lettering...Still playing with other designs.

Tutorial created by RoRo


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